Women’s Health & Sexual Health

Women’s Health
Sexual Health

Sexual health through the lens of Naturopathic Medicine explores the intricacies of women’s health looking at how they derive their pleasure, the factors that can affect this and all things related to the vulva.

Sexual desire is not as simple as having it or not. Many factors compound together that affect a libido. By addressing the whole body and mind, sexual function can be optimized. Hormonal health, inflammation, dysbiosis, diet and lifestyle, sleep patterns, stress, mood and mental wellness including safety and security all play a part in how a woman responds to sexual arousal. By addressing these factors, a foundation can be built to optimize your health and thereby optimizing your sexual wellbeing.

Sexual health includes all your gynecological concerns that Naturopathic Medicine is ideal to address; the time will be taken to listen, investigate and create a treatment plan that you are comfortable with. Conditions that can be treated include UTIs, yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, PMS, period abnormalities, vaginal dryness, and vaginal pain. Rebalancing the vagina’s unique microbiome, addressing hormonal concerns and reducing inflammation can restore your vulvar health.

Treatments may include manual therapy, prescribed exercises, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modification, botanical and nutraceuticals prescriptions as well as exploring the mind-body connection and emotional wellness.