Live Blood Cell Microscopy

*Live Blood Microscopy Analysis Services will resume back in January 2019!*

With Live Blood Cell Analysis, the mission is to compliment the services offered by Naturopathic Doctors and Practitioners. With a simple drop of blood drawn painlessly from the tip of a finger, our technician has been trained and educated to identify conditions such as parasites, bacteria & viruses, yeast, inflammation, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, acidity, dehydration, stress, adrenal & thyroid issues, allergies, toxin overload and many, many others.

In the initial visit the client is tested and provided a visual interpretation of their blood status. At the end of every appointment, the client is provided with a detailed report of the technician’s findings, next steps, educational material and high-resolution photos of their blood. Clients are able to book 15 or 30-minute follow-up visits to review their blood and track their progress. This method is proven to be highly motivating and engaging for both the client and Naturopathic Doctor or Practitioner.

Live Blood Cell Microscopy Toronto 360 Healing Centre