Say Hello to Live Blood Cell Microscopy.

Bloating.  Gas. Fatigue. Brain fog.  Poor sleep.  Weight gain.  Abdominal discomfort.

These are common complaints that many people who visit Naturopathic clinics suffer from.  So what do these symptoms mean?  The answer is not always simple and possible causes vary from person to person.  The key to understanding and treating these pesky symptoms is to view the body as a puzzle, a complex set of systems that are all interlinked.  This is where Live Cell Microscopy Analysis (LCMA), or Live Blood Analysis (LBA) comes in and acts as an amazing diagnostic tool for understanding what systems are out of balance and need help.

The blood is a river that runs through the entire body, and has a myriad of important jobs that support health and affect how our body functions.  It makes sense to begin the search there, live and in real time, as it will give us incredibly valuable information.  Essentially, looking at our blood under a high-powered microscope can be a great way to pinpoint underlying or root imbalances and send you in the right treatment direction.


Some of the potential issues that LCM Analysis can highlight:

  • Poor nutrient absorption
  • Gut permeability, food in the blood
  • Fungal, bacterial and parasitic infections
  • Suboptimal detoxification or bowel toxicity
  • Allergies/high Histamine
  • Heavy Metals & B-12 status
  • Adrenal & Liver stress, Hormonal Imbalance
  • Under-functioning Immune System

Armed with this valuable information, the journey to restored health begins!

The above slides show: Acidity, Candida, Clean/healthy cells