The other night I came home from work and didn’t feel like making a healthy masterpiece as I usually do ;) So instead I decided to throw together a filling and delicious chocoholic smoothie recipe to nourish my cells. What I ended up creating was a tall, delicious glass of chocolaty goodness! Besides being delicious, this smoothie provides a great source of magnesium, an important mineral in many metabolic processes in the body ranging from keeping our bones healthy and strong to helping keep our nervous system balanced.

I had this smoothie for supper (yes, chocolate for supper!) but it could be enjoyed anytime of day. It is especially great to keep in mind when you’re having one of those days when you feel like a chocoholic. They happen!

Chocoholic Smoothie Recipe


½ Banana

1 cup spinach – need your greens!

2 medjool dates

1 tbsp. almond butter

1 tbsp. of organic cacao powder

1 tbsp. of raw honey

1 handful of ice cubes

Coconut milk and filtered water to your desired consistency

Blend and sip your way to chocolate heaven!

By: Lisa Knapper, ND