COVID Loaded

by Kayla Noodelman *Disclaimer* Note: This blog is a purposeful attempt to help lighten the mood while sharing meaningful information. It is about staying mentally well while the world tries to flatten the curve of Covid-19 cases. It is written for those of us working remotely from home, adhering to social distancing, and dealing [...]

Want 12/10 Energy?

Feeling a little sluggish and low energy lately? Many factors can contribute to fatigue, but none as well-known as low B-12.  A slight deficiency of vitamin B-12 can lead to anemia, fatigue, mania and depression, while a long-term deficiency can cause permanent damage to the brain and central nervous system. Vitamin B-12 can only be manufactured [...]

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The Benefits of Bone Broth

I cannot say enough about how much I love bone broth.  It is one of the most nutritive and nourishing things I put in my body, and here's why you should be putting it into yours..... Gelatin is a translucent, colourless, brittle, flavourless solid substance, derived from collagen found in animal bones, cartilage, collagen and [...]

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5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Winter is almost upon us, which also means cold/flu season is here. This time of year, it seems like we all know someone who is fighting a cold. No need to panic though, there are plenty of easy ways to boost your immune system to fight off those germs! Here are 5 strategies you can [...]

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Prenatal Massage – What are the Benefits of Massage and Pregnancy?

Becoming a new mom is a very exciting time filled with new experiences and lots of new information! You want to do everything in your power to support a happy & healthy pregnancy, taking care of your self to the best of your ability. Massage Therapy can be a wonderful adjunct to your lifestyle to [...]

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Fear….Friend or Foe?

I collect quotes. One of my all time favorites is by Ghandi, it goes something like this; ‘Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions shape your destiny.’ Where do our beliefs come from? I believe it’s our experiences that shape our beliefs. And if those [...]

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