We are asked all the time if Live Blood Cell Microscopy Analysis can identify the specific Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Unfortunately, even with our fantastic tech, we are unable to see Covid-19 because it is nanometers in size and would require a specific microscope. We have seen clients, however, who have had Covid-19 and as a result, have noticed a specific bacterium in each of these individuals.  Interestingly, some of these clients still have latent effects, such as: cough, loss of taste and fatigue.  Some clients that have been infected with covid-19, only have cold-like symptoms.

In live blood cell analysis, we can determine other types of viruses such as Epstein Barr Virus and the Flu, as these are seen via indicators in the immune system.  With our technology we can zoom in microscopically to see how your immune system is acting, how it is affected and what you might need to support it.